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Green Actions

An innovative sprint - What nature can do for you and your business

During Northumbrian Waters 2nd Innovation Festival The Water Hub ran a 3 day sprint: 2019 Year of Green Action - what nature can do for you and your business?

We all want to leave the environment in a better state than we found it and we know that small and medium businesses need to be part of the solution if we are to grow a sustainable northeast economy. This is what we unpacked over the three days with a wonderful group of open, passionate and creative people.

As is traditional for a design sprint, we set a goal, mapped a route to success, picked a target, remixed and improved, sketched, storyboarded and prototyped our solutions.

Four key ideas were born:

Roots - co-creating places and communities by giving colour and soul to our un-loved green spaces.

A picture of a phone showing a Welcome Back screen

Green Procurement - creating a competitive advantage for sustainable businesses, products and services.

A drawing linking life cycle costs, green premiums and other elements to create a competitive advantage for sustainable business

Green Partners - Achieving multiple benefits through partnership working.

A drawing of a tree, connecting safe space, green space, community and other elements

Eco Angels of the North - an augmented reality game which partners with Eco-businesses to engage children in environmentally responsible behaviours.

A screenshot of the Eco Angels of the North game opening screen

Find out more about the ideas on the Water Hub site.


Northumbrian Water has announced that they’re bringing their Innovation Festival back to the north east again for 2019 between the 8 to the 12th of July.

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If you’d like us to use feature your green action please tell us


  1. What you did, or intend to do, and when?
  2. Which theme, or themes, it delivers against?
  3. Who and how many people it involves?
  4. That you are happy for us to store, and potentially use, the information.


Please send details, including any photographs and logos we can use, to [email protected]

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