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Barrybados Beach Clean-up

How teams from Companies House helped clean Beaches in Barry Island and Cold Knapp.

A selfie of the team holder litter pickers and pink bin bags.

Over the last few weeks teams from Companies House have been on two volunteer days. Beach cleaning in Barry Island and Cold Knapp. Split into two groups, over the 2 days a total of 40 people took part.

Not only is it a great opportunity to help the environment but you also get to know people who you ‘see’ every day, but you don’t actually get the chance to talk to.

The weather was dry and very windy when we met at Marco’s for a coffee before we set out armed with our litter pickers, gloves and bags. Some of us ventured over to Cold Knap and a record number of steps were recorded on our fit bits that day.

Along the way we also came across a baby bird who had who had fallen from its nest onto the sand below. It was being circled by several mischievous looking seagulls. We managed to get the bird out of harm’s way which also gave us a great sense of satisfaction.

One of the team also got stuck in the sand had to be ‘rescued’ by one of her colleagues. Holding out a litter picker for her to grab onto while she was pulled out of the wet sand. If that’s not a great example of team spirit I don’t know what is!

Everyone met for a healthy lunch of chips and ice cream before setting off again in a different direction. Trying and get as much litter as we could in the remaining hours we were there. Throughout the day many members of the public approached us and said, ‘This is a great cause’, ‘Good on you all for doing this’ ‘Keep up the good work’. It spurred us on to know the effort was appreciated.

Over the two days we collected 38 bags of rubbish from the beach itself and the surrounding areas.
I would highly recommend volunteering. It had a bit of everything - The great outdoors, fresh air, great team building and all the while making a difference to the environment.

A woman beside a river wearing a high vis vest and colourful and holding a litter picker.
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