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Green Actions

St Alban's Primary School's Polli Promise

People need pollinators and pollinators need people. After improving our school grounds for hungry and homeless pollinating insects, we wanted to make a difference beyond the school gates. Our Hive developed their Polli Promise campaign which encourages “everyone of every age” to set aside a metre by metre square for pollinators. No space? No problem! We believe ‘Small Spaces Count' and encourage those without a garden to plant up a pot or window box. Families, businesses, schools, churches and MPs have all become involved and we’d love you to make a #PolliPromise too!

A collection of seed packets for pollinator friendly flowers

For the past few years, our school Hive members have been spreading the message of pollinator plight and the simple ways that we can all make a difference; we’ve given presentations, made videos and run stalls to inspire others to make a positive change. Seed from our grounds is harvested and packaged to give out to the community but there are many ways to help our threatened insects. Thank you to everyone who has supported us and please keep adding to your patches and spreading the message!


This year, The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust (HIWWT) produced this video for us and we became part of Team Wilder, presenting at the launch of the HIWWT Wilder 2030 plan.


The success of Polli Promise also helped us to become part of the exciting X-Polli:Nation project. With funding from National Geographic, the project aims to ‘cross pollinate’ ideas and resources between technologists, scientists and school children to bring about real action. The site has lots of free resources, including a training tool to help you identify butterflies and bumblebees.


Please join with us to make a difference - it doesn’t require much time or know-how and it’s free to make a promise. (You can simply let your grass grow long or achieve a patch of colour with an inexpensive packet of seeds.)


We’ve also found that people really enjoy being involved so please make your Polli:Promise today. #PolliPromise

Pollinator promise shield
Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

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