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Green Actions

X-Polli:Nation Citizen Science Project

Raising awareness about the plight of pollinators.

A group of school children gathered around a freshly dug patch of soil holding their muddy hands up to the camera

Creating a buzz for pollinators, this 18-month long project raises awareness about the plight of pollinators, collects data on their whereabouts, plants habitat for these vital insects and supports young people to campaign for their protection.


In a partnership between academics, technologists, citizen science practitioners, educators and primary school students, this project aims to ‘cross pollinate’ ideas about how to improve citizen science tools, co-create resources with school students and spread best practice into Europe.


From June to September citizen science resources will be available to support not just schools, but everyone, to do their bit for pollinators. All the resources you need are freely downloadable and you can monitor pollinators visiting your patch for as little as 2 minutes.


Supported by the National Geographic Society, this project aims to support people, practice and pollinators, and as such, provides resources for you to:

  • Improve your identification skills by using the XPolli digital butterfly and bee training tool
  • Take part in a citizen science survey to record the pollinators visiting your patch before and after you make positive habitat improvements
  • Get bespoke advice from our Planting for Pollinators digital tool in what to plant to attract certain species of pollinators into your garden
  • Make a pledge to set aside 1x1m for pollinators through the Pollinator Promise campaign and receive advice on how best to spread the word to encourage your local community to help protect pollinators.

Track our journey and get involved on social media using #XPolli and #YearOfGreenAction.


Visit the Opal Explore website to access existing resources, download the survey when it is available (coming soon in May) and to find out more information.

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