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Greener choices at your workplace

We want to encourage any action that connects people with, protects and enhances the natural environment. Below are a range of example actions that you could take at your workplace.


Shredded paper

In the office

Switch to recycled paper

Using recycled paper contributes to a more circular economy, one that minimises waste and makes the most of resources


Go paperless
Go further in reducing waste by going paperless and offering this option to your customers. For example, offering paperless monthly statements.

Invest in recycling bins
Providing recycling facilities will enable and encourage staff members to recycle more.

Maintain appliances
Proper appliance care and upkeep can prevent potential leaks and wasted energy.

Keep windows and exterior doors closed when heating or cooling the office
This will make the process quicker and more energy-efficient.

Use indoor plants

Being close to greenery, even indoors, can make staff feel more at ease with their surroundings, reducing stress levels and improving feelings of wellbeing.

Use technology to reduce your footprint
Introduce a low flush option on toilets, water fountains instead of water coolers, motion-sensitive taps in bathrooms and motion sensors to control lighting.

Make sure your pipes are protected against cold weather
Insulating pipes can protect them against damage and make your heating system more efficient.

Know where your supply pipes run and where the shutoff valves are

In the event of a leak, you’ll be able to minimise damage and wastage.

Check your meters
Checking your meters at night, or when no water is being used, will allow you to monitor leakage.

Improve your car fleet management
This can help lower costs while reducing the carbon emissions from your organisation’s vehicles and employee travel.

Try and set water usage targets
Through setting targets, and encouraging staff involvement, you can raise awareness and reduce consumption.

Help prevent flooding
Using permeable paving allows water to drain through rather than quickly running off.

Person using a laptop

Help colleagues make greener choices

Help staff travel less
Introduce mobile technology that enables staff to work from home or elsewhere.

Do what you can to promote active travel and use of public transport
To reduce the number of staff and customers using their cars to get to you. Provide bike sheds and shower facilities, bike to work schemes and electric vehicle recharging points.


Encourage sustainability
Bring together a group of employees to develop and champion a sustainability strategy for your organisation.


Help your employees connect with nature
Publicise the wellbeing benefits of spending time in nature, and promote opportunities for employees to do so. This could be through “walking meetings” and volunteering opportunities.


Pledge to ‘step up to the plate’ and reduce food waste
Businesses, and individuals can sign the pledge and ‘step up to the plate’, committing to reduce food waste, either in their food production business or working environment.

Link up with organisations providing nature-based services in your area
If you work with people with health, educational, or social needs, find out which local services can support them with structured programmes. Across England, programmes are run on care farms and other natural spaces.

Layers of cardboard

Manufacturers and retailers

Sell products with less packaging
Reduce packaging waste by packaging items more efficiently, where possible.


Use recycled packaging
Make use of recycled packaging materials and encourage re-use or recycling by the customer.


Increase the durability of your products
In some industries, waste can be reduced by increasing the durability of the products made.


Introduce return schemes
Introduce product return schemes to ensure your components are correctly disposed of or are recycled/reused.


Offer price incentives for reusing
Consider offering incentives to customers who bring a reusable coffee cup, rather than opting for a disposable option.

If you've been inspired by the actions above, why not make a green action pledge?


Find more examples of green actions you can take when you're at home or  out and about.

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