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YoGA pledges

People everywhere are sharing their pledges for the Year of Green Action


See what some people have recently pledged, then make your own pledge.


"Spend more time in nature with my nephew, grow more of my own food and purchase green energy at home."

"Eat less meat overall, in particular red meat."

"Walk more and drive less"

"Walk into work and back every day, rain or shine!"

"Switch to a 100% renewables green energy supplier."

"Leave more of my garden wild and plant seeds and shrubs for attracting pollinators."

"Take part in more environmental volunteering opportunities to connect with the public to educate and inspire."

"Carry out active conservation every month with organised groups and in my own local area."

"Deliver talks and workshops to local Scout groups about environmental sustainability."

"Plant more bee and insect friendly plants in my garden; use non-peat compost for planting; pick up any litter I find when I'm out walking in the countryside or at the beach; try to buy goods that are not wrapped in plastic."

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