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Green Actions

RAF High Wycombe: conservation committee

At RAF High Wycombe, the conservation committee has been working hard to improve the local wild life and environment, while on the station work is being done to reduce the amount of waste being generated on site.

Pond at RAF high wycombe

The team at RAF High Wycombe have reduced their disposable cup use by introducing a re-usable cup. They have given out almost 1000 of these reusable cups to personnel that work at RAF High Wycombe. They have 3 coffee shops on their estate, and estimate that if everyone that was given a re-usable cup was to use it when they purchase their daily coffee, they will have prevented 228,000 disposable cups from being used in one year, significantly reducing their impact on the environment.


They also completed a project in September 2019, where they cleared an overgrown area that used to be a pond.  The Conservation Committee cleared out a lot of the overgrown shrubbery, with the help of one of the contractors on site, Tivoli Group Limited, who are a sub-contractor of Amey.  Tivoli and Amey carry out charity work each year and this was one project they were keen to be a part of.  This area will now benefit the local wildlife by providing water for the birds and hopefully encourage frogs and newts to live here.  They will also be putting up a bird box and a bug hotel, and planting some wildflowers around the front edge of the fencing to benefit local pollinators in the area.  This area will be used as an educational area for the local school and youth clubs to educate local children on the wildlife around them.  


Previously all of their waste disposed of on site was sent for incineration in the form of energy from waste.  RAF High Wycombe purchased new bins to be put in all of their office buildings in order to be able to segregate their waste. Sodexo who are the external contractor responsible for removing our waste, in partnership with their sub-contractor GPT, introduced external recycling skips, food waste bins and glass recycling bins across the estate. As a result, they have now increased their recycling by over 50% since the bins were implemented in June 2019. 

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