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Green Actions

Throughout 2019 we've been hearing all about your green action so we can showcase them here to inspire others to get involved.


It's not too late to take action! You could arrange a litter pick or beach clean, create a community garden to grow your own food, make water, waste and energy-saving improvements to your home or organisation, or just spend time out appreciating the beauty of the natural world by volunteering or visiting green spaces.

The Rollings Family fulfil their Year of Green Action pledge


These icons represent the three key Year of Green Action themes.

Building new homes for swifts and communities

Kent Police Green Guardians

Green infrastructure underpins Woodhurst Park

Bees’ Needs Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of bees & other pollinators

What nature can do for you and your business?

RAF High Wycome tackle an overgrown pond

If you’d like us to use feature your green action please tell us


  1. What you did, or intend to do, and when?
  2. Which theme, or themes, it delivers against?
  3. Who and how many people it involves?
  4. That you are happy for us to store, and potentially use, the information.


Please send details, including any photographs and logos we can use, to [email protected]

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